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 “We are very proud to now offer delicious specialty coffee certified to strict organic, Fair Trade, and Bird Friendly shade grown standards and demonstrate that quality and convenience can go hand in hand at affordable prices at convenience stores,” – Harry Singh

NY’s Bolla Market Convenience Stores Switch Coffee to Specialty Organic, Fair Trade, Bird Friendly Offerings

New York, NY (December 11, 2012) – Bolla Market, the New York area’s chain of high-end convenience stores, today announced it has switched to only top-quality organic, Fair Trade, and Bird Friendly® specialty coffee for all its coffee offerings. ‘Bolla Gourmet Organic Coffee’ will be sold at the company’s 21 locations recently reopened post-Hurricane Sandy and located from Brooklyn to Riverhead on Long Island as well as on Staten Island. In making the switch, the company will become one of the largest convenience store chains to provide only organic, Fair Trade, and Bird Friendly shade grown coffee as its coffee offerings in the U.S.  Read more…

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“Bolla Transport allows us to control our [fuel] deliveries, so we can be more efficient regarding our retail prices.” – Harry Singh

Bolla Oil Finds Way to Save More Than $2M a Year

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. — As the U.S. economy seemingly weakens on a daily basis, finding ways to cut costs is paramount for convenience store operators. But considering that most budgets were slashed to bare-bones levels during the previous recession, how can a retailer cut more costs?

Bolla Oil Corp., owner and operator of 75 c-stores and gas stations, 16 automobile repair stations and four car washes, has found a new way to not only cut costs, but also open up the possibility for additional revenue in the future.

The company founded Bolla Transport LLC, a modern fleet of high-tech trucks that delivers about 200 million gallons of fuel yearly to its company-owned stations, franchisees and independently operated locations that Bolla Oil serves.  Read more…

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…moving fuel distribution in house should save 20% in trucking costs…

4 Reasons to Take Fuel Delivery in House

Bolla Oil, a branded wholesale distributor that owns and operates a retail gas station chain in metro New York, will create its own transport business by the end of July.

Bolla Transport LLC has invested $1.5 million in equipment including a fleet of five trucks that hold 8,200 gal to 12,000 gal loads, and will hire 25 managers, drivers and mechanics.

But moving fuel distribution in house should save 20% in trucking costs, at least $1 million a year or 1ct-1.5cts/gal. Read more…

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“As a long-standing GSTV partner, Bolla Oil is the latest major fuel retailer to deploy inOvationTV
to all of its stations.”
- David Leider, CEO Gas Station TV

Bolla Oil to Add inOvationTV Across Chain

NEW YORK — inOvationTV, the new co-developed media platform from Gas Station TV (GSTV) and Wayne, will be installed at all Bolla Oil gas station and convenience store locations, which are located in the New York market. Bolla Oil will be adding inOvationTV to more than 40 sites, some of which will be immediately retrofitted, while others will be added as Bolla rolls out new Wayne Ovation dispensers.

“We are thrilled to announce with GSTV the addition of inOvationTV to all of our locations, as the investment creates an exciting resource that will become an asset to help us connect with and deliver great advancements to our valued customers” stated Harry Singh, CEO and chairman of Bolla Oil. “inOvationTV helps showcase the Bolla Oil philosophy and pledge to provide our customers with the unique experience of unexpected luxury.” Read more…

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“We are very pleased to see this process reach a successful conclusion and for the opportunity to extend our many years of petro experience to assist Bolla Oil.”

Bolla Oil Acquires 36 NY Mobil-Branded Locations

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. — Bolla Oil Corp. based here, acquired 36 Mobil-branded retail petroleum facilities located in Brooklyn and Staten Island, according to PetroProperties & Finance LLC (PP&F) and its northeast regional strategic partner, Petroleum Equity Group.

“We are very pleased to see this process reach a successful conclusion and for the opportunity to extend our many years of petro experience to assist Bolla Oil,” Mike Baskin, CEO of PetroProperties & Finance said in a released statement. Read more…

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 The design goal was to
“deliver unexpected luxury in a convenience store”

Best Interior: Bolla Market

The design goal for this year’s Best Interior Design winner, Bolla Market, was to “deliver unexpected luxury in a convenience store,” according to its company president and CEO, Harry Singh.

This luxurious feel was achieved through a spacious floor plan decorated with mahogany and cherry wood accents, a dark granite floor, granite counter tops and full granite bathrooms. Offsetting the dark hues is forest green signage with gold leaf text for in-store sections, which stand out against the cream walls.

Another objective of the Bolla Market store design was to change consumer perceptions of convenience stores by providing customers an unexpected food offering…   Read more…

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Click to read about Harry’s
challenges in setting up
the Bolla Company

Living The Dream

“I didn’t have any set goals when I originally started,” Singh says.  “I was 26 years old and I took challenges and risks.  I just knew that I wanted to work hard, be successful and continue to grow my number of stores as long as I could handle it.  Is it the right option?  If your financially sound and you don’t have to borrow, it’s the right option in my opinion.  I will continue to grow.”

Singh has grown quickly, but he’s had his share of moments that have given him pause.

“In 1994 I had about seven stations and we didn’t have the infrastructure to run a multiunit operation,” he says.  “We were struggling to make money and I considered selling everything except two stations.  That was the time I could have gone either way.”    Read more…

BollaGroup“The successful promotion of any event requires concentration, an action plan and coordination.” says Harry Singh



PLCC campaign winner shares strategy

Among the thousands of retailers who contributed to the enrollment of nearly 51,000 new Private Label Credit Card accounts during last summer’s national promotion, a familiar name stood at the top of the list when the final numbers were added up – Harry Singh and his team at Bolla Management Corp.

With multiple stores in the top 10 of final dealer rankings in the PLCC campaign, it was his Garden City Super Pumper location in East Meadow, NY, which was the standout performer.  In fact, the store’s 330 new PLCC accounts was more than 100 accounts ahead of the second place finisher, a distributor location in New Mexico.

Harry says planning and training are the main reasons…  Read more…

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“It brings value to the neighborhood. We have creative landscaping, a signature image and a safe and clean environment for our customers.” Singh said.

One Entrepreneur believes in the future

But the jewel in Singh’s crown is his newly remodeled property in Brooklyn’s Gerritsen Beach neighborhood, which has five profit centers: an On the Run c-store, a Mobil gas station with four pumps and eight fueling points, a six-bay repair shop and quick-lube center, a car wash and a residential building with nine luxury apartments.

Does that last one seem a little out of place? “This is what it’s going to take to survive in the 21st century — creative profit centers,” said Singh.

When he purchased the three lots totaling 55,000 square feet that make up the property, one 9,000-square-foot lot had residential zoning. Rather than fight for a commercial permit, Singh built apartments…   Read more…






“I always knew that the customer and the community were the most important factors in creating a successful business…”

Harry Singh Earns Top Franchisee Honor

New York dealer Harry Singh was recognized as a National Franchisee of the Year by the International Franchise Association (IFA).

Harry, who operates five On the Run® convenience stores and 13 Mobil-branded service stations in the New York City area, was nominated for the award by ExxonMobil.  In making the nomination ExxonMobil cited his outstanding performance in all aspects of the convenience store and fuels business, his leadership roles on national advisory boards, his active role in promoting the On the Run® brand, and support for community activities.

Gina Malandra says Harry’s enthusiasm for the business and his customers spills over to his employees.  Read more…


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